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Relationship between Theory and Practise

In philosophy, theory and practise are the dialectical unity. They contradict and complement each other. The relationship between theory and practise is so close that neither of them can stand alone.

Practise is the source where theory comes from. Through practise, theory can be formed. Theory will become fruitful, complete, and accurate if practise is rich, sufficient, and precise. Many theories are derived from practise. For example, by experienced high volume of workload and tried to complete all the tasks successfully, a set of theories of time management, project management, and workload balancing strategy can be concluded; by participating and examining daily communication in the social community or workplace, the theory of how to improve communication skills can be learnt. Even the technical theories related to a specific area can be generated if people keep practising in this area.

Meanwhile, theory provides directions for practise. Without the illumination of theory, practise will grope in the dark, which would result in repeated, blind, or even failed work. For example, those theories introducing Australian workplace culture and business communication skills presented in the materials and courses of the program give us a great assistance when we participate in the internship. By acquired knowledge from those theories, we are able to know how to effectively communicate with other team members and appropriately behave in the real work environment.

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